Where Do I Park During The Event?

There is ample parking available near our downtown venue, ranging from the parkade near the Kelowna Public Library, Impark passes for our VIP attendees, and street parking (which has a convenient “Pay By Phone” app, so you don’t have to keep running out to your car to adjust your time limit).

You can also view a PDF map of parking availability in the surrounding area by clicking here.

Are there discounts for groups?

Yes! For groups of 3 or more, please contact us by visiting our website home page and clicking “Contact” button in the menu.

How can I become an event sponsor?

You can connect with us to see if a sponsorship arrangement will be a good fit and in alignment with the event we’re facilitating for our attendees. Visit our website home page and click the “Contact” button in the menu.

I’m visiting from out of town – can you recommend accommodations?

Of course! There are a few great hotels and AirBnB partners we can connect you with. Please reach out and contact us! Visit our website home page and click the “Contact” button in the menu.

What’s the refund policy?

Full refund available up to 2 weeks out from the event (Sept 12, 2016). As we have overhead expenses involved in running this event, we are unable to process refunds after this date.